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Rugby World Cup tickets

Rugby World Cup Tickets

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The World Cup is the biggest tournament in the sport of rugby. During the World Cup, you will see the best of the best in the world of rugby. The 2019 tournament is held in Japan, with the final being played in Tokyo.



From 20 September till 2 November 2019, the Rugby World Cup will take place in Japan. This is the first time that the Rugby World Cup is taking place in Asia. In addition, the tournament is only held once every four years. For these reasons alone, it promises to be a special tournament.

The matches will be played in twelve different stadiums. The opening match is Japan - Russia. This match will be played at 19:45 local time (12:45 CET) at the Tokyo Stadium. A total of 20 countries participate in the World Cup. These teams are divided into 4 pools. All participants are known, except for 2 places. You can read the layout of the pools below.


The previous edition, the Rugby World Cup 2015 was won by defending champion New Zealand. They defeated Australia in the final. After winning the tournament, New Zealand may call itself the record holder with no less than 3 world titles. New Zealand will again be one of the favourites for 2019!

World Cup Logo

The logo of the upcoming World Championship is all about unity. Through this tournament, with Japan as the first Asian organiser of the World Cup Rugby, players and fans want to achieve the goal of the sport receiving more international attention. The logo is made up of Mt. Fuji and the rugby logo. The logo is meant to bring Japan and the world together through Rugby.

Top scorer World Cup

The all-time top scorer of the Rugby World Cup is Jonny Wilkinson, with 277 points scored. The Englishman was born in 1979 and reached this number of points in only 19 games.

This means that he scored an average of 14.58 points per game. Wilkinson scored no less than 1246 points in 97 matches throughout his international career.